5 things you need to remember while 'Healing your Emotional Triggers'

Updated: Aug 10

Emotional Triggers are strong intense emotional responses that arise with emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, worry, guilt, shame, abandonment, helplessness, rejection, or many different kinds of fears,
which stems from memories, experiences, or events which were traumatic.

They make us react, regardless of our current mood. They get triggered by events or situations in the present.

Identifying and working on healing the past trauma is crucial to your well-being, as well are for your #relationships

Here are the five points that will give you more clarity while you are on the healing journey:

1) All responses are not triggers. They could merely responses coming from only your present situation.

Even though we use the sentence 'I am triggered' when we get any of these lower densely vibrating emotions, they are not all wounds. Not all of them arise out of trauma.

How do we find the difference?

Become more self-aware. Observe the body, mind, and emotions,

how their intensity decreases and how lesser attached you get to it within a period.

Identifying them. Bringing Mindfulness and Awareness every time these emotions arise.


🌷Connect with your Body Sensations

🌷Connect to your Breath

🌷Watch your thoughts

Go back in time, and contemplate. Let the answers flow to you. When was the last time you felt that? Go back and back until you felt it for the first time?

Identifying the source of a trigger reaction — a specific event or trauma — is central to freeing ourselves from it. Triggers based on past trauma show us where the past invades the present. But they also allow us to look directly into the hidden world of who we are. When you accurately locate where a trigger comes from, You'll notice that you can usually reduce its intensity substantially.

If these triggers impact you repetitively, it stays in your thoughts and body for a long time, and their intensity is high. Then, it is a trigger arising out of a wound.

If these emotions just arise and as soon as the incident is over and you start continuing your things normally, they are not triggers.

If you are working on healing your triggers, here is a list of the healing methods you can follow.

🌷Take a pause before reacting. Before and after.

🌷Do Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work.

🌷Own your Feelings, connect with them/

🌷Start Communicating Clearly

🌷Identify Toxic Relationship patterns

🌷Maintain a journal and express to yourself, keep a track

2) Your triggers are not your enemies, they actually are your best friends.

The people who trigger you are also not your enemies, but they are allowing you to see what’s inside you.

We miss the point because we focus only on the outside,

Awareness of yourself is where the focus needs to shift, for evolution.

Your triggers are constantly showing,

The parts of you, you need to heal.