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What is Inner Child Healing?

Updated: Apr 16

I'll try to explain this in plain and simple language. Let's see if I can 😁

In our childhood, we pick up unhealthy thought patterns and adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with harsh realities of our environment.

This could be

- abusive parents

- strict parents

- controlling parents

- bullying by friends, neighbours, relatives etc

- traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, molestation, death, loss, etc

As kids, we adopt coping mechanisms and that is all fine.

The problem is that we don't put any expiry date on these unhealthy coping mechanisms

So, even when we become adults, our Emotional Intelligence stays that of a child only.

Becoming aware of it and healing those wounds is what we call, Inner Child Healing

Want to know how to do this healing?

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