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Welcome to Anamify

Helping you build healthy relationships & Live Consciously

through workshops, retreats, programs & 1:1 coaching.

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Get access to our Free Resources like Live Talks, Open Discussions, Workshops, Webinars and live support of our Relationship Coaches.

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Get Access to everything in our library just for ₹ 394. Includes E-Learning Journeys, Meditations, Subliminals, Assessments, Worksheets etc.

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Want to find a mature, emotionally intelligent partner?
who is also ready for a serious committed relationship, and understands the importance of self-work and willing to evolve together.

Our aim is to help you experience Healthy Relationships.

Relationships are a crucial part of our lives. They are a reflection of our inner space and they impact every area of our lives.

We are here to help you build, live, and experience the beauty of Conscious Relationships.

With us, begin your journey of creating harmonious, intimate and authentic relationships in your life. 

At Anamify, we focus at your Inner Growth to make your Relationships Blossom and Shine.

We aim to take your journey forward from Good to GREAT!

We provide all the implementable tools and techniques to make your relationships holistically healthy.

Confused about where you are healing in your relationship?
Feeling unsure what your root issues are and how to solve it?
Ready to find the root of your problems?
Where you are stuck, why you are stuck and how to get out of it?

The best day for you to begin your journey is NOW!

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About the Team

We bring on the table our combined experience of 25+ years and 25000+ hours of Combined Coaching Experience to provide you all the implementable tools and techniques that will help you THRIVE in your relationships

with Laser Coaching, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Approach.

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Relationship Coach

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