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Resentment is avoidable

Updated: Apr 27

In December 2021, an old lady in our neighborhood passed away.

Her youngest son came from Dubai for her funeral. When we came back from cemetery, he was extremely sad and said, "When mom was alive I couldn't come to see her. Either I would think that the ticket is too expensive or I can't take out few days from my work. And now see, I came rushing; spent a fortune on ticket; took 2 weeks off from work; and she is not even there to see me."

I could feel that more than the loss of his mother, this thought was crushing him down.

I'm sure every person who will read this, will resonate. And yet, unfortunately, after reading this post, most people will go back to their life and start giving same excuses, mindlessly!!

On one hand, people tell me that they want to improve intimacy and harmony in their relationship. And on the other hand, they say they can't afford to take professional help.


I really hope that no one says, it's good but I'm too busy right now. Because then we just circle back to the situation of my friend.

Sometimes, the cost of not taking action is unbearably higher than the cost of taking action

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