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Updated: Feb 20

I watched this series yesterday and I loved it so much that I decided to write a short blog on it.

I can see that this series has been created with great research. The cases discussed depicts the reality of Dating and Matrimonial sites. I know this because hundreds of people in our community have shared their bad and worst experiences with us.

I particularly loved the closing statement in the last episode...

If parents and society don't put pressure on an individual to get married, then the scammers have nothing to pressurise someone.

While this statement sounds absolutely logical, it is almost screaming out the next question (which they didn't ask)...

Why a person takes this pressure from the parents and society?

Obviously, one common answer is, "to make them happy"

❓Would parents be happy when their sons or daughters get scamed?

❓Would parents be happy when their sons or daughters enter into a toxic and abusive relationship?

❓Would parents be happy when their sons or daughters choose to end their life because they can't take it anymore?

If the answer is NO, then why we still give this excuse of doing it for their happiness?

Wouldn't a more mature answer would be, "I'm choosing to do this because I don't have the courage to stand-up. I don't know how to address my own fears and insecurities and instead of acknowledging and addressing that, I'm choosing to become a victim."

This is the EXACT reason that we started the movement to fight this system.

The name of our movement is Conscious Singles Club.

We, at Anamify, have taken this responsibility to create a platform where Singles are added after a strict filtering process to reduce the chances of fake profiles and scammers.

I invite you to help us grow this movement by spreading the word. And if you are a Single who wish to stand-up with us against this system, then please attend this webinar for more details...

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